The public’s awareness of plastic pollution has been massively heightened over the last few years. Thanks in part to David Attenborough’s Blue Planet series on BBC but mainly due to years of campaigning work by groups such as Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and Ocean Conservancy, the depth of pollution in our seas is now, quite rightly, high on the agenda.

Appalling images of snared and suffocated aquatic animals and drowned sea birds have distressed us all. We now have indisputable scientific evidence that plastics have entered the food chain, creating alarming long term health problems for all life, including humans.

Many of us have wondered what we can do to halt the noticeable increase in plastic pollution in our oceans and almost as many have questioned whether anything would make a difference. As an individual any efforts you make to cut down on single-use plastics, avoid plastic packaging and recycle wherever possible may seem like a drop in the ocean (if you excuse the pun). But together we can make a difference, not just in reducing the amount of waste we generate but also in cleaning up the plastics already in our oceans

Many local businesses, schools and organisations in the Poole area are looking at the single-use plastics they use and taking steps to reduce them. This could be something simple like switching to wooden cutlery, eliminating sauce sachets or changing their packaging materials. Every tiny change still makes a difference.

One straw might not make a huge impact, but 500,000 (around the population of Poole) most definitely would. We are inviting everyone to join the plastic free movement and remove or find an alternative for three items of plastic used in their premises. Businesses can contact us for further details and a plastic free business toolkit.