An infrared sauna blanket emits a beam of heat that penetrates the skin and vaporizes fat. The heat causes various natural reactions in the body, including the release of toxins and fat oxidation. These compounds are expelled through sweat, and the user can feel a great deal lighter as a result. A medium-priced model has nine heat levels and can be used anywhere – from your home to your office. This product can be folded and stored in your car or on a trip.

infrared sauna blanketThe ZoeTech infrared sauna blanket is compact and lightweight, with an approximate closed size of 180 by 80 cm (71 by 31.5 inches). Many models are equipped with a memory function for easy setting and adjusting the temperature. They can be used as a standalone sauna or with a sauna chair. The simplest version has two heating zones, while the most expensive models feature an auto shut-off. Despite their high price tag, an infrared sauna blanket is cheaper and more convenient than a traditional sauna.

A sauna blanket can be a good investment for your health. These products can mimic the effects of an infrared sauna. Because they absorb 97% of the body’s infrared rays, they will warm your entire body from head to toe. An infrared sauna blanket will help maintain a healthy immune system and burn body fat faster. Its relaxing effect is also beneficial, as it will relieve tension and sore muscles.

The benefits of a ZoeTech infrared sauna blanket are numerous. First of all, they can help you sweat. You will be releasing toxins and excess body fat through sweating. It will also improve your metabolism, causing you to lose weight and increase your body’s metabolic rate. It can boost your energy levels and speed up the burning of your body’s fat. It can also increase your immune system and promote relaxation.

There are many infrared sauna blankets on the market. Some of the most popular models have three independent heating zones. These three heating zones allow the blanket to heat up faster than its competitors. As a bonus, infrared sauna blankets can also be space-saving. They are easy to store, and you can even fold them up after using them. There are many advantages to infrared sauna blankets.

Another advantage of infrared sauna blankets is using them at home instead of visiting a sauna. Since they are portable, they are also convenient for travel. You can take your blanket on the road, and you can use it anywhere you can access the sauna. It will save you money and space and ensure a safe sauna experience. When using a ZoeTech infrared sauna blanket, the infrared technology will penetrate through your skin.