Read this article if you wonder which type of SASHC hearing test Adelaide to choose. Then, we will go over the different types of hearing tests available, including Electronystagmography, Tympanometry, and Pure tone audiometry. Getting the proper test is essential to prevent further damage to your hearing. If you have severe hearing loss, you should see an ENT specialist. Depending on the severity of your hearing loss, your primary care physician may refer you to an audiologist.

hearing test AdelaidePure tone audiometry

The clinical benefits of pure tone audiometry are many. However, it is not perfect for identifying all hearing losses. Pure-tone tests do not identify dead regions in the cochlea or other neuropathies that affect auditory processing. They also do not predict the perceived degree of disability of a patient. Hence, it is vital to use sound clinical judgment and other resources. Pure-tone audiometry is not ideal in every situation, and there are limitations in both the procedure and the result.

Besides the benefits of a pure-tone test, it is also important to note that recent exposure to loud noises may affect the results. For instance, riding a motorcycle or listening to music on headphones may cause a temporary shift in hearing thresholds. This temporary shift may not reflect the actual hearing threshold of a patient. Thus, it is advisable to avoid exposure to loud noises 14 hours before undergoing the pure-tone hearing test.


An Electronystagography hearing test is a type of diagnostic procedure that evaluates the function of the inner ear. It can also diagnose vertigo, a condition where people experience a sensation of spinning. Vertigo is usually accompanied by dizziness and can be caused by various conditions. In addition to hearing disorders, electromyography can also be used to diagnose balance and inner ear problems.

This test measures eye movement and the function of the nerves connecting the inner ear and brain. This test is a vital part of the diagnosis process for people with vestibular disorders. When it’s done correctly, it can identify the cause of dizziness, nausea, and other symptoms. In some cases, a simple electronystagmogram can help a doctor determine the cause of a patient’s hearing loss and suggest ways to improve the condition.


If you suffer from dizziness, vertigo, or balance issues, you may benefit from a Videonystagmography hearing test. This test uses infrared cameras to determine the health of the central motor functions in the inner ear. Compared to Electronystagmography (ENG), the newer technology is more accurate and consistent. It can also help identify the root cause of balance problems.

While much SASHC hearing test Adelaide can be performed using just your ears, Videonystagmography has several benefits. This diagnostic procedure is quick and painless. It measures involuntary eye movements (nystagmus) and provides essential information about any imbalance or disorder in the inner ear. It can also reveal vestibular disorders and other health issues. By understanding the differences between videonystagmography and other hearing tests, you can better decide which treatment option is best.


A tympanometry hearing test is a standard and non-invasive test of hearing ability. This test uses a device to change the air pressure in the ear canal and measure how the eardrum responds to sound. The test results are a mountain-like line around the 0 daPA mark in ordinary people. In case of abnormalities, the line may peak before or after the 0 data mark or be flat. The test is safe for most people, although it is not recommended for very young children or those with recent head trauma.

A normal tympanogram shows a peak pressure of 0 dana. This pressure indicates that the ear is compliant with atmospheric pressure. However, some people have symptoms that may indicate needing a hearing test. Other symptoms may also indicate the need for a hearing test Adelaide. For instance, a headache may indicate the need for some life adjustments. A hearing test Adelaide can help determine if you have a condition that causes headaches.

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